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Shamans and Tibetan lamas — Orgasm and Satori

A spontaneous commentary to the people in an Energy Circle just after our meditation. Two topics: 1. how shamans and Tibetan Buddhist lamas often relate to energy differently, and 2. (starting at 28:51) the Zen satori experience as a type

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How Do You Spell Tantra? S.H.A.M.A.N.

In the last 10 years more and more sacred sexuality practitioners have been using the word “shaman/ism/ic” in reference to what they do. The first 15 minutes of this presentation I give a brief history of practitioners using this term.

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Charismatic Religious Manipulation

What happens to the followers of charismatic religious leaders and spiritual gurus when the leader becomes lost in his/her power? (More at Focusing on Jim Jones, Jim Baker, and Chogyum Trungpa. Related biographical documentaries: • Jim Jones: “Jonestown, PBS

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What is a Sexual Shaman?

Here I give an in-depth explanation of my definition of a “sexual shaman.” Some of what happens energetically and naturally in an orgasm of any kind is what a traditional shaman must be able to do energetically to facilitate healing/transformation

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What is a Shaman?

“Techniques of ecstasy” is how Mircea Eliade defined “shamanism” in his book entitled Shamanism, first published in English in 1964 (in French in 1951). I found such a definition to be really inaccurate and inadequate relative to my experience with

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